Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

From My Daddy

I wish to be with my angels again...

I yearn to be with my angels again …to share all life’s abundants, expectations and excitements with my beautiful wife Adys – with her caring eye, pleasant chords and gentle touches – whom I realized  now irreplaceable and truly mother-nature best gifts..

Eric.. the youngest amongst all, most playful with endless inquisitive mind that always capture all hearts in the family...

Rio, energetic, wanting to be independent … now with his band of friends wannabe rockers…

Ety, how she’s grown so quickly, sweet and innocent she is. .time and again displaying surprises with unexpected acts..

Puput, a fair lady in the family, brilliant always gentle and caring to shares heart for all ...

I yearn to be with my angels again … to voyage life happily, passing virtues & values,  spread love and care for amongst my children to continue…,

Alm. Erman Bin Ahmad

 Singapore- September 7th 2008, 12.16pm

Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

EXERCISE A (Skills 1-2)
6.   W  The new student in the class very talkative and friendly.
The new student in the class is verry talkative and friendly
10.   On a regular basis the plants in the boxes under the window in the kitchen are watered and fed
2. Early­­­_____toes instead of hooves on their feet.
A. horses                                 C. horses had
B. had horses                          D. horses having
In this exercise, we should notice immediately that there is a subject  Early  horses but there is no verb, because the subject is Early horses so we have choice C or D. Answer C is the best answer because it is a past tense verb that agrees with the sentence past tense S+V3. Answer A , horses no verb and aswer B, had horses, not agree with adveb the sentence.